Thursday, 28 December 2017

Women Wanted!

The Society of Poole Men name change hopes to attract many women members to join in the new year:

Says Society for Poole's press officer, Duncan Williams: "At our Dorset AGM held in 2017 nearly 90% of members attending voted to change the name of the Society to The Society for Poole."

The name has stayed for over 94 years and was established even before women had full voting rights in the country. Although the old name had a great history that we cherish, we needed to change the name so as to increase the appeal of the Society to both men and women.

Unfortunately the membership has not grown recently and from discussions in the community the name is a factor.

"We want to encourage a mixed and modern membership," explains Duncan, who works in the town's communications industry.

This brings us into the 21st century and better reflects us as a Society and the many women who are presently members.

Duncan adds that: "Women who do not live in Poole itself but who may have a strong connection or love of our town are also most welcome to join."

- Find out more about the Society for Poole.

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