Sunday, 4 August 2019

West Country entrepreneur invests in independent media group

Can John Mappin of Tintagel in Cornwall help you and your business to flourish and prosper? 

Independent Media Investor

John Mappin is a private international investor and media owner. He is a Scientologist and once a former colleague of the View News independent media owner Duncan Williams.

John and his team are known for their unique geopolitical research capacity and predictive abilities.

Mr. Mappin is recognised, as one of the few Europeans who accurately predicted, with precision, President Trumps 2016 victory in June 2015.

Partly a result of that, Mappin has created great friendships and wonderful warm relationships in Washington DC.

He has also has gained an in-depth understanding of the wisdom of the current 45th Presidential administration.

Mappin's personal interest is in helping the International Freedom movement flourish and expand and more generally to help and invest in the export of excellence and ability wherever it is found.

Recently, through their friendship, John and his wife Irina, Irina Kudrenok-Mappin, helped Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA expand his educational movement internationally into the UK and helped to increase the United States growth and impact of Turning Point USA.

Based at his UK home, the mythological Camelot Castle, Mappin's well-researched voice of sanity and his purpose to help restore the sovereign impulse of man, has become followed closely by several pundits of our times. 

Duncan Williams Independent Locals

He is quoted by the observant and those wise souls interested in the philosophical epicentre of Freedom.

Mappin's 30+ years of experience, his unique use of higher mathematics, and his understanding of modern communications methods are appreciated.

The challenges that international leaders face every day in exporting their message and purpose are resolved with inspiring regularity at Camelot Castle.

Appointments can be arranged with the team through the Private Secretary.

John Mappin - Camelot Castle Hotel

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